Wijaya Music is a Music Organizer that is engaged in the implementation of music both necessary music for places that provide live music such as cafes and hotels or special events such as wedding, party, dinner or company or product launching. Wijaya Music itself was founded and supported by highly experienced musicians with highly professional players, who meet certain standards in musical ability. Most of Wijaya Music players are highly competent music teachers. This is the basic capital in the work, so the music produced is good music, not a music that is managed carelessly, but the results of arrangements that can be enjoyed by all audiences. In 2002, became the beginning of a Wijaya Music. With more than 10 years of experience in music, making the variety and variety of music offered is unlimited. The format of Chamber and Band is the two most popular formats by market share of Wijaya Music. Promising any musical nuance desired by their clients is a promise from Wijaya Music to the bride and groom. Of course, the element of romanticism and grandeur combined with the expertise of Wijaya Music, will make your wedding atmosphere into something special. We understand that good music can support a show better. Therefore, Wijaya Music is committed to providing the best music service for you. We are ready to serve you with many music formats like chambers, Full Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band etc., with customized song list and arranged with your taste. Thanks for your attention and hopefully we can be part of your special event.

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